Super Vulcaseal is an elastomeric, solvent-release temperature curing sealant. It is best used for sealing, patching and filling leaks, cracks, holes, and gaps. In its cured state, it is transformed into a tough, elastomeric material which allows for reasonable motion or movement of connected elements without cracking or losing adhesion.

Super Vulcaseal is the most popular brand of elastomeric sealant in the Philippines. It is the market leader beating all other brands in terms of volume sales, brand recall, and brand image.

Super Vulcaseal is so easy to use that practically anyone can apply it. With this, the brand has evolved to become a common household item, used to seal cracks & gaps in roofing, plumbing/pipes, gutters, downspouts, sinks & P-traps. The brand is also widely used by construction professionals and industrial practitioners in industries like transport and container van manufacturing.


  • Ready-mixed one component sealant
  • Easy to apply and spread over a variety of materials
  • Produces fast-drying film with a high initial set
  • Good weather resistance
  • Outstanding water and chemical resistance
  • Reasonable slump resistance• Excellent bonding to galvanized iron (G.I.), PVC, concrete and other construction materials.