For structures that last generations

REPUBLIC PORTLAND PLUS® is the only cement in the Philippines with TIBAY ENHANCERS®. This special mix of ingredients is made of smaller particles that fill in concrete voids – making concrete more compact. This minimizes possible water and chemical penetration that may cause rusting and expansion of steel bars that may result to cracking and other concrete deterioration.

Tibay Test

A Tibay Test was conducted based on ASTM standards to assess the durability of the three leading cement brands in the country. Three mortar bars, each made from a different cement brand, were placed in a NaOH solution at 25° Celsius. This is equivalent to 25 years of concrete exposure to different elements. Because the REPUBLIC® mortar bar was more compact, it was not easily penetrated by water and chemicals. Thus, results show that the REPUBLIC® mortar bar has the least chemical reaction.

General Construction
  • Houses
  • Buildings
  • Roads
  • Bridges
Ideal for general concrete applications
  • Foundations
  • Columns
  • Walls
  • Slabs
  • Beams
  • Denser concrete with reduced permeability
  • Better concrete cohesion
  • Lower water requirement
  • Improved workability
  • Improved durability (e.g. greater steel bar protection from corrosion)
  • Reduced segregation, minimized rock holes (ampaw)
  • Higher compressive strength minimized shrinkage and cracking
  • Ease of application and compaction