Human respiratory activity continuously introduces aerosol viruses and bacteria into the air we breathe. A Germicidal Air Exchanger is a device that actively reduces the air’s microbial load through Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI). This action significantly reduces the risk of infection through respiratory transmission.

UVC-Air is a Germicidal Air Exchanger. It kills bacteria and viruses using a UVC lamp with an optimum wavelength of 254 nm. The germicidal lamp disrupts the DNA structure of viruses and bacteria, rendering microorganisms harmless.
The potentially harmful UVC light is enclosed in a protective metal disinfection chamber. This enclosure shields users from harm and allows for human activity while in use.

The UVC-Air ECO is affordable and compact; and is recommended for home and office room air disinfection. With a UVC dosage delivery of 10 Joules/sqm, it neutralizes airborne coronaviruses immediately. It is capable to safely and effectively disinfect a 12 sqm room with 2-3 people present.

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