Features and Benefits

POWERFUL MAGNETIC MOTOR ULTRA-HIGH TORQUE High 5 N.m torque thanks to the powerful magnetic motor and all-metal gearbox. Makes installation of light fixtures, home furnishings, electronics and other items simple and easy. CORDLESS AND PORTABLE EXTRA-LONG BATTERY LIFE Handles up to 180 screws on one full charge with the high-capacity 2000 mAh battery. USB-C charging port for cordless portability. Insulated, flame-retardant, removable battery case design. PATENTED, ONE-PIECE BODY DESIGN Aesthetically pleasing and reliable thanks to the one-piece, screw-free design. High-quality engineering plastic and an innovative one-piece design: fine craftsmanship and 2-coat lacquer finish for a comfortable grip, with anti-dirt and anti-rust treatment.


Product model no.:             MJDDLSD001QW 

Maximum torque:               5 N.m 

Net weight of screwdriver:  Approx. 350 g

Screwdriver dimensions:     124 × 130.5 × 42 mm

Rated voltage:                     3.6V

No-load speed:                   200 r/min

Charging time:                     120–180 min

Standards implemented:      GB 3883.1-2014

Precision bit type:                 C6.3 × 25 mm

Phillips-head:                        PH1/PH2/PH3

Hex:                                       H3/H4/H5

Slotted:                                 SL4/SL6

Star:                                      T15/T20/T25

Pozidriv:                                PZ2

Extension rod length:           60 mm